Services (WhipsChicago)

The Full Package

The ultimate transformation for your beloved vehicle. This all-inclusive package combines the best of our services to give your car a comprehensive rejuvenation, both inside and out.

Exterior Care

Thorough cleaning and restoration of the car's exterior, including hand washing, drying, and application of wax or paint sealant.

Interior Care

Comprehensive cleaning of the vehicle's interior, including vacuuming, upholstery cleaning, screen cleaning, and dashboard and console cleaning

Wheel and Tire Care

Cleaning and restoring the wheels and tires to their original shine, including removal of brake dust, application of tire dressing, and wheel sealant for added protection.

Glass and Window Treatment

Cleaning and polishing of windows and windshields, removing water spots, smudges, and streaks. Application of a hydrophobic glass coating can improve visibility during rain.

Paint Protection

Application of paint protection products such as ceramic coatings, sealants, or paint protection spray. These provide an extra layer of protection against scratches, UV damage, and contaminants, while enhancing the vehicle's gloss and durability.